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  • Week #02 2018

    While scanning some illustrations that I want to insert in this blogpost I wrote in my calendar what I did today and looked back at what I achieved this past week. On monday an important appoitment was short term cancelled which turned my whole planning for that day upside down. I then answered some business emails and felt a bit lost because I hadn’t planned anything else for that day except this appointment. I really can’t handle spontanious changes very well because I prepare the situations and what will happen in my day in my mind a lot. I just have to know what is going on in my day to feel I am under control and not feeling lost or that I waste too much time doing nothing (what i actually do most of the time and it makes me feel bad because i know better). In general I need to change a lot in my daily routine. I need to get up earlier. Although I am a freelance illustratror and I actually work better at night when it is quiet outside and everyone else is sleeping. On the other hand I know that I get even more stuff done when I also get up earlier than I currently get up. Time management is so important when you are self employed and there are a million ideas in your head and another thounsand ideas on your to do lists. I still have to learn to manage my time better to be more efficient and productive. That’s one thing i started my calendar and started blogging again just to see that i’m not doing nothing all day. My mind tricks me a lot and at the end of the day the negative things weigh heavier than the rest.

    We also visited my boyfriends mom and made a litte sleepover. One of the reasons for that visit is because we are thinking about adopting a cat and my boyfriends mom has some furry friends at home and we wanted to check out how much my body still reacts to cats. As far as i can think back my family always had cats and even when i lived with my mom we had a cat at home but in the last few years my body reacted bad to cat hair. My eyes, ears and nose all went itchy and once even my eyes were totally swollen. When i knew i visited someone with cats i took allergy pills for prevention. The symptoms didn’t get worse with the pills but they also knocked me out and made me very very tired and sluggish. The last visits went really well, because i avoided to touch a cat or go near them and i nearly had no itchy eyes or a running nose or even worse even without allergy pills which felt really positive. The last visit i tried to cuddle a lot with the cats to see if i still have allergy reactions or if it was just something temporary. All i got was a bit of any itchy nose, no other reactions. Once a doctor told me if an animal gets sick/ill you can develope allergic reactions towards those animals. Sadly “my” cat that lived with my mom died this year and since then i didn’t notice any reactions towards other cats. I suggest “my” cat was sick/ill way before we even noticed it and my body just reacted to this or maybe it was just something else, i guess i will never know exactly what happened and why. For now we are pretty positive and i can’t wait to have a cat around me again.

    Since a while my boyfriend, his friends and me regularly play gta 5 online together which perse is a lot of fun but i also like just to drive around alone and look at the landscapes. I am very enthusiastic about one special radio station which i ALWAYS listen to. It’s just called “Los Santos Rock Radio” and i’m actually following that playlist on spotify. To those who are familiar with the game: I love the Faggio. Almost daily i listen to this playlist and never get tired. I can recommend it a lot. I never thought i would once listen to those bands my dad always talked about. I especially enjoy Kansas, Boston and Chicago a LOT. I also added most of their albums to my favourits and listen to them regularly. Thats just a very new experience for me because i never really liked to listen to “old” music. I just don’t hope thats part of getting older or growing up ; )

    For the plan of adopting a cat I started to felt a little cat cave. I don’t felt with water a lot anymore so I’m a bit out of practise. When I started that projecti had exactly in mind what I wanted it to look like. Nothing complex, in fact pretty easy to make and with no extras. Imagine a biiig egg in black with a little hole to enter. Well it turned out like a black shapeless UFO that just crashed the earth. I am really unhappy how it turned out and although I already placed it on the couch I want to work on it once more and hopefully it will turn out as a wonderful black dragon egg. I worked on that thing really hard and I even had aching legs after I felted for at least five or six hours on that unsatisfying thing. I had to work on the floor because we don’t own or have a place for a table that would be big enouth for such a project. All in all when you are wet felting you have to work bigger in the beginning. While felting the wool will shrink a several percentage of it’s actual size. My UFO was really big at the beginning and also the texture turned out really nice and even. Just the shape is not twhat I had in mind. I will report about this thing again when it hopefully will look beautiful one day.

    Of course i made some Illustrations and drew almost daily. Randomly I made a really tiny comic strip because from time to time i lose my motivation and can’t get excited about any idea that comes to my mind. Nothing seems good enough. So tha’s the simply story of this one. Also i made a little private Illustration for myself. I made a little handdrawn self portrait which i want to send to send to a few illustration websites. All in all i just worked on personal projects which is a lot of fun. Sadly for now i have no new commissions. Lucky for you if you have something in mind that you want me to draw for you. Maybe as a gift (valentines day is coming for couple portraits) or for your blog/business? Maybe you need a new mascott or a new individual handdrawn logo or lettering? Let me know and write an email!

    Quite a while ago i started this “thing” to draw and experiment with and i want it to come to life again or maybe come to life at all. i started this imaginary band thatt is called “Yes this is Bear” so make some cool band merch and album art works and everything visual around a band. I want to come up with cool storys, comics and so on. So i started drawing again and made a cool handletered typo and an Artwork with the girl and the bear. I still have to figure out a lot, especially the real music part. I think this is a great idea to tell a lot and draw a lot of stuff that i like and can relate to. I hope i can show the final artwork and some other ideas, drawings and projects within the “Yes this is Bear” project. Furthermore i am working on other personal projects and ideads that i am super excited about but i don’t want to tell too much because i don’t know how to realize the whole project exactly. Basically i want to make a kind of collection of my 2017 drawings and illustrations as maybe a zine or a booklet. Just can’t put my thoughts exactly in words yet, thats what I want to figure out in the next week.

    My excercising this week didn’t go very well and I just made space two times this week to run which is not acceptable for me and my plan also my eating was a bit off and too much. I just made too many excuses with the visit and other things. Coming back to time management I need to make space every day again. No excuses. Just trying to do it better again the following week. YAY.


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  • Week #01 2018

    I dont’t want to predict too much when I say I’m back at the blogging game. This is just a little try to start again as one of my new years resoutions. In the last few years the distance between me and what I share on the internet grew and when I look back at the time when I blogged more I also had more interactions and communication with people in general. I really hid into a little hole and just watched everyone doing great things and having a nice time. I need to change that again, be more open, find myself again, finding my voice and space, communicate, be present and more social. And I think it is a great step to start blogging again and share the stuff that I do on a daily or weekly or monthly basis.

    All in all I want to record more of what I do and have accomplished during the day in general like in a diary. When I tried to look back at 2017 it was really hard for me to remember all the good stuff that happend. In the last few days of 2017 I started to set up a very simple bullet journal just to track what I want to do, what I did during the days and what I accomplished or produced to see it written on paper and feel better about myself and get a better mindset about the stuff that I do and achieve. Also I made some lists for my ideas, projects, personal stuff and work that I can update from time to time which are also in my journal. On new year’s eve when I tried to look back at the year and what happened I could just remember things that hurt and didnt turn out as I wanted and it just depressed me that these unhappy things stuck in my mind more thand the good things that happened and I want to change this for the new year. Doing small steps and a step at a time and change things slowly to not make it too overwhelming.

    When I look back at the first week, the page of my journal looks pretty full and that just feels very good. I started with my wii workout again which consists of running on the spot (I try to do it every day), which is called freerun, for a certain time. Ususally I do it twice successively a day what makes a total of one hour. And I also made a new personal wii freerun record with 19830 m in 30 minutes. I don’t think these are real meters that would be way too much. When I first started all I could do was about 6000 wiimeters in 30 minutes and i thought this was already my best. With this exercise and some changes in my eating habits I lost 20 kilograms from june to october 2017. Due to some sad circumstances and a sad mindset I made a weightloss break until the 1st of january. Gladly i didn’t gain any weight during the break and now i’m back on track to try and lose another 10 kilograms.

    On friday I finished a private commission. I drew the client’s children as a portrait with some specific things they like and some typical characteristics all in my stle. It was so much fun to draw the illustration because I had full creative freedom, the children were so cute and the communication with the client was so easy and comfortable. Also I made it ready to print and went to my local print shop and sent it away last week. I really like the end result of the illustration a lot also because I had so much freedom in my creative process and decisions.
    I also had time to do some personal drawings. In the last year I focused a lot on digital drawing so I decided to draw some small characters on paper and took some coloured pencils. I really like how the little faces turned out, but i’m not sure if there will be a project behind it. I think i was just drawing them for the sake of drawing with no big meaning or story behind them. i often think that I have to make some big meaningful projects that will change the world and that I have to say something with a big story behind it. These thoughts often keep me away from creating something just because I have fun to do them or trying something or just practicing on my style or experimenting with tools and pecils. And it’s totally okay if I can’t tell an entire novel about a picture. Sometimes it is enough if it just looks nice.

    I was more active on instagram stories and posted some short videos of my drawings and some photos of my surroundings and food that dont’t fit in my regular timeline. I guess I just have to try and figure out what is interesting enough for my followers to see. I really like to interact more on that platform too.
    Furthermore I updated my online portfolio and added some childrens illustrations I made for my physical portfolio I took to the bookfair in Frankfurt to introduce me to some childrensbook publishers and I added some handmade and handdrawn monster pins to my etsy shop. On sunday I took the time and watched the entire season of “The end of the f**king world” on netflix which i enjoyed a lot and afterwards I did some bookkeeping/accounting that was too long due.

    That’s it for now and I hope I will write another blog post next week : )

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  • “Nikolaustag” Giveaway


    “Nikolaustag” is in Germany always on the 6th of december. The night before this special day children, kids and even older “children” put their super cleaned up boots outside in front of the door. If they were good and nice all year they can find some christmas treats, sweets, mandarins, peanuts and even little gifts in their shoes.  If they were naughty they’ll only find rods in their boots. There is even a much bigger story behind that but this is not my point for this blog post. Basically he is Santa Clause but he is not coming on christmas.
    I thought for “Nikolaustag” i could make a little giveaway for my readers.

    Tell me in the comments below what you wish to see on this blog in the future (you can also write in german)



    This is what the giveaway includes:

    7 Postcards (one of them ist a handmade linoprint)
    1 printed illustration in postcard size
    Two handmade panda stickers
    One Maus sticker

    There will only be one winner. You have time to enter the giveaway until 11.12.2016 23.59 CEST. Please just write one comment per person. Afterwards I will randomly choose and announce the lucky winner the next day. The giveaway is worldwide. Please make sure to write an correct email in the comment form so i can contact the winner via email. To participate you have to be 18 or older (if you are younger please ask your legal guardian, in case you won i need a written consent).

    UPDATE: 12.12.2016 The winner is Comment Nr 3 “ZOMBIEKATZE”

    Good Luck!

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  • Doll Repaint – How I Do It


    A few years ago i bought my first monster high doll with the intension to repaint it. i was very unsure about the process and if i could do it at all without rickety and unclean lines. I always admired the repainted dolls on tumblr and spent hours to look at the photos and imagined to make such amazing photographs with my own doll model. I never dared to start to take the dolls face off and start with the repaint just because i was afraid it couldn’t look as good as the dolls i saw online.

    Meanwhile i read a lot of tutorials and viewed some videos. i have to say the process of repainting takes quite a while and i am not patient enough for that. I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on that before i know i could do it properly. I don’t think i have to do it in a “professional” way and fix the single layers. I just use what i already have at home so i just skip some steps that were recommended in other tutorials. For my purpose, it works without them. Anyways i think i will repaint one doll several times to just experiment and become better step by step. The pencils i use which are some watercolour pencils (that is reqiured/ don’t use pencils that are oil based, i read they will leave stains and other damages to the doll) are water soluble which means that you have to be very careful in the handling with the doll. In detail they are a very old version of the faber-castell goldfaber pencils. The colours can smudge very easily. You can always use a rubber to erase the watercolour pencils when you think you made a mistake or if the colour just became too intensive.

    Vor ein paar Jahren habe ich meine erste Monster High Doll gekauft um sie neu zu bemalen. Ich habe mir zwar einige Tutorials dazu durchgelesen, aber ich war mir wirklich nicht sicher, ob ich gerade und saubere Linien auf das Gesicht zeichnen könnte. Ich habe immer wieder die schön bemalten Puppen auf Tumblr beneidet und habe mir wirklich auch eine gewünscht, von der ich dann super tolle Fotos machen könnte. Lange Zeit habe ich mich also nicht getraut so ein Projekt in Angriff zu nehmen.

    Seither habe ich auf Youtube zusätzlich einige Videos gesehen und noch mehr Tutorials gelesen. Der ganze Prozess ist ganz schön aufwendig und dauert seine Zeit. Ich bin da allerdings nicht so geduldig und habe daher ein paar schritte ausgelassen, die nur benötigt werden wenn ihr die Puppe tatsächlich langfristig verändern wollt. mir ist es nicht besonders wichtig, dass ich am Anfang alles richtig mache und alles professionell ist. Ich kann es in Kauf nehmen, dass ein neu Gemaltes Gesicht durch Wasser auch mal verschmieren kann da ich eh vorhabe, mehrmals Gesichter auf die gleiche Puppe zu malen. Einfach als Übung. Daher habe ich auch hauptsächlich nur Materialien verwendet, die ich schon zu hause hatte und mir ein fixing Spray, nur um zu testen ob ich es kann und es mir auch Spaß macht einfach zu teuer war. Man soll für das Bemalen auf Wasserfarben Stifte zurückgreifen da stifte, die auf Öl basieren auf dauer das Material der Puppe verfärben oder auch anderen Schaden anrichten können ( mir ist entfallen, wie genau das alles zusammenwirkt). Man sollte beim Hantieren mit der Puppe beim bemalen wirklich vorsichtig sein, da man schnell die Details mit den Fingern verwischen kann. Falls man sich mal vermalt hat kann man es ganz einfach mit dem Radiergummi ausbessern.

    before after2

    I use the faber- castell goldfaber watercolour pencils and i think this edition is discontinued, but i’m sure there are enough watercolour pencils you can find for a small price
    always make sure you have sharpend pencils
    A regular nailpolish remover
    Toilet Paper or Cotton Pads
    A transparent lacquer to make the eyes more alive.
    Some brushes
    A wooden stick to remove the doll paint in the cornes with some cotton
    Eraser Pen

    Ich habe die Faber Castell Goldfaber Wasserfarben Stifte verwendet, die meines Eissens nach nicht mehr erhältlich sind. Ich bin mir aber sicher, dass man ziemlich günstig andere Wasserfarben Stifte findet, die man dafür gut benutzen kann
    Die Stifte sollten immer gut gespitzt sein
    Ein gewöhnlicher Nagellackentferner
    Wattepads oder Toilettenpapier oder ähnliches
    Ein transparenten Lack um die Augen zum Schluss lebendiger wirken zu lassen
    Ein paar Pinsel
    Ein Holzspieß mit dem man beim entfernen des Gesichtsaufdrucks gut mit einem Stücken Watte in die Rillen kommt
    Einen Spitzer
    Radiergummi besser Radiergummi Stift für Präzision


    The first step is to take of the printed face. First i tie the hair together so it is not in my way or otherwise disturbing. To remove the old paint i use a nail polish remover by essence. not because it is the best or special but it is the one that just was laying around and i didn’t want to buy a new one. I pour the nail polish remover on toilet paper and let it rest a few seonds on the face. i guess some cotton pads would work better but i had none left at home. For small details around the lips or the inner corners of the eyes i use q-tips.

    Um mit der Puppe gut hantieren zu können ist es praktisch die Haare der Puppe zu einem Dutt zusammenzubinden, damit diese nicht im weg sind. Zunächst nehme ich das aufgedruckte Gesicht mit Toilettenpapier(ich hatte leider nichts anderes zur Hand), Wattestäbchen und Nagellackentferner ab. Gut ist es, den Nagellackentferner ein bisschen einwirken zu lassen indem man das Toilettenpapier einige Sekunden auf dem Puppengesicht liegen lässt. Für die kleinen Rillen um den Mund benutze ich zusätzlich einen kleinen Holzspieß, um die Farbe besser entfernen zu können.




    i begin with the lips and contouring to give the face its primary colours. i try to match up the cheeks with the lips to make it look harmonic. For contouring i mostly used the dark brown to darken the area under the cheek bones and the corners of the lips. on the cheeks, the chin, around the nose and the eyes i used an orangy red tone of the watercolour pencils and played with the intensity of the colour by differing in pressure. this is different to other techinques because it is common to use the dust of some pastels here, but i was to broke to buy some so i also just use the pencils and try to blend them softly with a brush after applying on the surface.

    Danach beschäftige ich mich mit den Lippen und dem Grundieren des Gesichts. Ich setze Akzente an den Wangen, Schläfen, Kinn und der Nase. Wie beim schminken achte ich auch darauf, dass von den Farben her alles aufeinander abgestimmt ist und harmonisch wirkt. Zum Kontourieren habe ich ein dunkleres Braun verwendet. Auch habe ich versucht mit einem Weiß Highlights zu setzen, die man aber nur schwer erkennen kann. Um den Farben mehr Intensität zu geben muss man ein bisschen mit dem druck spielen und herumexperimentieren. ich war mir am Anfang eher noch unsicher also habe ich auf die stifte beim Zeichnen nur wenig Druck ausgeübt. Dieses Kontouring kann man aber auch gut mit zerbröselten Pastellkreiden und einem Pinsel machen, was die Übergänge dann viel gleichmäßiger aussehen lässt.



    This is where i skip a few steps.
    i don’t like the giant eyes that most dolls have. i think the eyes are the most important thing because their impact on the expression is so big. I start with a very dark colour here and draw the lashlines to find the right shape. It takes a lot of time to draw the pupils and make them look at you so take your time with this and dont draw with too much pressure. Take small steps, you can always add more.

    Hier überspringe ich ein Paar schritte und verzichte auf das Fixing Spray um die einzelnen Schichten den Gesichts zu fixieren.
    Ich mag diese übergroßen Augen, die die Meisten Puppen haben überhaupt nicht gerne. Ich denke die Augen sind im Gesicht das Wichtigste, weil sie den meisten Ausdruck verleihen. Ich beginne hier mit einer sehr dunklen Farbe und zeichne zunächst den oberen und unteren Wimpernkranz um die Augenform zu bestimmen. Die meiste Zeit verbringe ich damit die Pupillen an die richtige Stelle zu setzen, damit die puppe mich auch direkt anschaut und nicht schielt. Zunächst zeichne ich hier euch nur mit ganz wenig druck, um verbessern zu können nach und nach baue ich die Farbe auf.



    Very careful i add some transparent laquer to the eyes to make them really alive and shine. Also don’t forget to put some Laquer on the lips.

    Wenn ich dann einigermaßen zufrieden bin übermale ich die ganz vorsichtig die Lippen und augen mit einem Klarlack um diese lebendiger aussehen zu lassen.


    This really works for me. i never even managed to smudge the face with my figers. everything stayed in its place although i didn’t fix the face with a fixing spray.

    Für mich funktioniert diese vorgehensweise echt super. Bisher habe ich es noch nicht geschafft, danach das Gesicht zu verschmieren. Ich weiß natürlich aber auch, dass das Ergebnis nicht von dauer ist und schnell mal was passieren kann.

    Have you tried this before and have super secret tips for me? show me your results!

    Habt ihr sowas auch schonmal gemacht? Habt ihr noch super geheime Tipps für mich? Zeigt mir eure Ergebnisse : )


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  • May Favourites: Art Supply


    Ich zeichne nahezu jeden Tag. Wenn ich keine Artworks gestalte, dann fertige ich Skizzen an oder erstelle Schriftzüge von Wörtern oder aktuell auch Zitaten. Ich besitze natürlich viele verschiedenen Stifte, Farben, Pinsel und anderen Künstlerbedarf. In diesem Blogeintrag zeige ich euch die Sachen. die ich am meisten und am liebsten benutzt habe

    I’m drawing almost every day. If I’m not creating some artworks i sketch around or I’m handlettering some words or quotes. Of course i have a lot of pens, colours, brushes and other art supply. In this blogpost i present you my most used and favourite art supply for may.


    Zunächst benutze ich für Vorzeichnungen und Skizzen am liebsten einen Druckbleistift. Dieser hier hat die genauere Bezeichnung : Faber-Castell GRIP 1345 in 0,5 // 2B

    First I mostly use a pencil for predrawings and sketches. My most used one is the Faber-Castell GRIP 1345 in 0,5 // 2B


    Um ungewollte Bleistiftinien zu entfernen bevorzuge ich den Staedtler Mars Plastic Radiergummistift da er aufgrund seiner schmalen Form sehr präzise ist.

    To erase unwanted pencil lines i prefer the Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser Pen because it is very precise due to its narrow shape.


    Für Outlines und alle möglichen Arten von Schriftzügen benutze ich den Edding 1800 Inkpen/ Tuschestift in den Stärken 0.1mm oder 0.3mm.

    For outlines and all kinds of handlettering stuff i use the Edding 1800 Inkpen in 0.1mm or 0.3mm.


    Zum colorieren habe ich besonders gerne sehr pastellige Brush Marker benutzt. Meine Favoriten waren daher die Copic Ciao Marker in sehr hellen pink und peach Tönen, wie ihr sie bei meinen “Maus” Zeichnungen sehen könnt.

    For colouring i used a lot of very pastel brush markers. This month i prefered the copic ciao markers in very light pink and peach colours as you can see in my “Maus” drawings.




    Mit welchen Farben und Stiften malt und zeichnet ihr denn so am liebsten?

    Which are your favourite pens and colours to paint and draw?

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  • Und Der Gewinner Ist….


    Ich möchte mich zunächst wirklich sehr herzlich für die tollen Kommentare zu meinem 400. FOTD bedanken. Ich hatte wirklich nicht erwartet, dass noch so fleißig kommentiert wird und die Kommentare haben mich wirklich extrem motiviert hier auf dem Blog wieder aktiver zu sein, was zur Zeit leider wieder etwas auf der Strecke bleiben muss. Die Lust und Motivation ist auf jeden Fall wieder da. Mit meinem Freund bin ich derzeit auf Wohnungssuche. Und wenn dieser Stress erst mal vorbei ist, wird definitiv wieder viel mehr Zeit fürs Bloggen sein und ich hoffe auch die Räumlichkeiten zum fotografieren werden dann wieder besser sein.
    Auf jeden Fall danke ich euch herzlich für die durchweg positiven Gedanken, Glückwünsche und Meinungen. Das hatte ich so wirklich nicht erwatet.

    Nun komme ich aber auch endlich zur Auflösung des Gewinnspiels. Die Ermittlung des Gewinners war wirklich sehr Random. Ich hatte meinen Freund gebeten mir eine Zahl zu nennen, danach habe ich die Kommentare einfach durchgezählt. Random.Org hätte es nicht besser machen können.

    Folgende Kommentatorin hat also gewonnen:


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch meinerseits. Ich hoffe, du kannst mit den Sachen auch was anfangen.
    Falls du von mir noch keine Email in deinem Postfach hast, werde ich dir so schnell wie möglich noch weitere Informationen zukommen lassen.

    Viele liebe Grüße