Week #03 2018

Yesterday, right before i fell i asleep i had the perfect idea how to start this new blog post. Sadly i didn’t make any notes and of course i can’t remember anything i was thinking of. Also i think this is going to be a really short update because i have a huge lack of inspiration to write. Theres just not much happening in my mind when i think about the last week.
That week i am still stuck to drawing on paper with coloured pencils combined with regular pencils. I almost forgot how i actually like drawing on paper and also the results are still much more faster than drawing digital. I still try some experiments, work on my techniques and want to lern more and also most important i want to become even better. I also bought a few more coloured pencils with the name polychromos by Faber-Castell to vary with colours and trying something new, you know, stepping out of the comfort zone is important and colours are definately not my comfort zone. I am really excited where that leads. I Made some quick drawings and limited myself to only draw with the new colours which made the characters very colourful. What do you think about me using more colours?

Most of my drawings and illustrations i made through that week you can find on my Instagram account @anja.sturm. it’s really up to date and i post there very regularly. The Motives aren’t too exciting yet, but i made some sketches for a series i want to draw for some Prints and i really like the ideas so far. Another task for this year is to strengthen my confidence. There are different approaches i want to try and find out what works best for me. So i thought “why not include this topic to my illustration work?”The first few things i started with in the new year was writing down my good and also my bad characteristics. I have to see that written down from time to time, to not forget about the good sides of myself, because as you know i mostly think of the bad and negative sides. Another thing is to remind me of things that make me happy or are good for me. Some motivations and being reminded from time to time. This will the series of illustrations be about. Taking care of yourself and beeing your own best friend. I think a lot of you can also relate to that. I hope i can start with that project as soon as I can because I’m really excited about the sketches.
I’m still working on the idea of my collection booklet and collected all the drawings i liked the most of 2017. Still there is no structure or layout made, but thats the task for the new Week and I’m also thinking about to make this personal project a Kickstarter project. Printing booklets or Zines is not really in my budget these days and furthermore i can check out if you are interested in such a thing before i print it at all.
Talking about prints: I added some new Prints of my drawings and illustrations to my Etsy shop . I chose those motives because they were liked a lot on instagram so i thought you would maybe like to have them as art prints.

I also finished my “Yes this is Bear” illustration i talked about last week. I basically like the end result but i think of redoing it because i am not super excited about the format and how the lettering doesnt fit in at all. Seems like it falls apart and i don’t have the feeling that it all connects too well. Also made a new drawing with the girl calling bear nothing too special as well but it’s just part of the whole project, All in all this will maybe make another zine or just some simple Artworks. I can’t quite decide yet and don’t want to limit myself by saying i only do drawings for x or y, maybe it will someday be a cool band shirt design, who knows.

I also spent some time updating several Portfolios. I think it’s really neccesary to do that kind of work regularly to make you and your work visible and even maybe reach some new clients. First of all i updated my own personal portfolio and also i am very proud to say that i got a new url for it. It is simple : www.anjasturm.com without any extras. Just simply my name. Isn’t that great? I also started to upload my new projects to behance and added some of my artworks to my Portfolio at “Illustratoren Organisation”. I am still not finished yet but its all on its way. Bit by bit i will also try and connect my illustrations to Pinterest and i’m thinking about to add my work on deviantart again and i also want to check out if my works fit to Artstation? Are you familiar with Artstation? Can you recommend any other online Portfolios?

My workout was doing great last week, i increased the time of workout and also didn’t make any excuses and worked out every day. At least i did my “running on the spot” thing for 1,5 hours. My app tells me that i burned 3369 calories in total by “walking” 43 kilometres. Also the scale finally shows up some new numbers. I think im going in the right direction again i JUST have to keep up that routine. I also challenged myself on wednesday and did an extra round and “walked” 2 hours what really made me proud. While running on the spot i keep myself busy watching tv shows and series on Netflix. It keeps me motivated to watch documentaries about health, food and diets. Cant tell you how often i watched “What the health” Last week i started and finished watching “dark”. It wasn’t really my first choice because i don’t like german produtions in general, but i was really surprised and instantly fell in love with the title song. Also the story was super interesting to follow and i was busy thinking about what could happen next and what is connected and how. I really enjoyed watching the series and also i want to watch it again to understand every detail. The thing i didn’t like was the end because i couldn’t see the connection to the start and the whole theme. I think it would have made more sense if SPOILER: someone hung himself to start the story all over again. Or did i just miss anything? Will there be another season? Did you watch “Dark” and what are your thoughts?

That were the interesting parts of last week.

Artrage4 Portrait Speed Drawing Video

As a new years resolution i wanted to improve my digital drawing skills by drawing more with my tablet and various programs. My favourite so far is Artrage4. Several times i tried my best to draw something in Photoshop but i just failed so much. It just doesn’t feel like drawing at all. I still want to try Krita though just out of curiosity since there is a free Version of it . At the beginning of the month i bought a new graphic tablet. Since then i draw every day on it even if it’s just some sketches. Although i think i improved a bit in that time i still have a long way to go to become better in shading, colouring, mood and scenery/composition. But there is always something to become better at, isn’t it? I still struggle a bit with how much longer it takes me to draw on the tablet, but i save up time scanning, correcting, touching up or even cutting out some Illustrations. Until now i drew some portraits, a few artworks, tried some handlettering and coloured some of my traditional drawings for a book project. Most of the Illustrations i created in the last few weeks you can see on my Instagram account (anja.sturm) and my facebook page Anja Sturm Illustration . I also plan on recording my drawings with OBS and make little timelapse videos in the future. And because i just finished and uploaded my first video i thought it would be a nice opportunity to write a small blog post about it. I made a really really short video just to give you an idea of how i draw digitally. The original video material is about 55 minutes and i don’t think someone would watch that without some talking. As you may have noticed i added some more details to the illustration, just didn’t record it.

All the best,

Storytime Part 02


A lot has to be done before the celebration and Mama Maus is already on her way to get some ingredients for the Christmas cookies. Papa Mouse is also outside in the woods to find a suitable Christmas tree.

Bis zur Feier muss noch viel erledigt werden und Mama Maus hat sich schon auf gemacht ein paar Zutaten für die Weihnachtsplätzchen zu besorgen und
Papa Maus ist unterwegs um einen geeigneten Weihnachtsbaum zu finden.

Maus Prints


Some of you who follow me on instagram know that i did a drawing challenge in june. Altough it was “just” an everyday doodling challenge i made little pencil illustrations in black and white. I decided to take the daily topics/words and combine it with my Maus character. All in all I really enjoyed the challenge even though i had some bad days when i couldn’t draw or wasn’t motivated enough. Altogether i managed to make 20 Illustrations in that month. For the moment i just scanned them and put the drawings just somewhere in the drawer i put all of my personal illustrations after i scanned them. Yet a few weeks later i thought it was a pity if the drawings were just forgotten somewhere so i thought i give it a try and work on them again. To not destroy the illustrations because i know i am not that good with colours and colouring i decided that i would colour them digitally. For that i used ArtRage that came with my tiny Wacom Bamboo One tablet. It’s quite nice for blending colours because with some settings and adjustments it behaves just like real paint on canvas and you can mix the colours really nice and smoothly. To use ArtRage for me is so much more easy as trying so hard in Photoshop where i have no clue what to do when it comes to painting and all the different functions and brushes. So i had the layer of the drawing and i just multiplied the other layers of paint together. For the colours i try to not use much darker shades than the pencil drawing to not mess with the contrasts. So far i only coloured my five favourites but in the end i will colour them all when i find enough time. I put the drawings together in a set of prints that are each 14,9×14,9m that you can now find in my Etsy Shop.







Taika- GLOW


Mit einem kleinen Anruf vor über einem Jahr, hat dieses Projekt schon angefangen. Ich wurde gefragt ob ich mir vorstellen könnte dass Filzköpfe, wie ich sie für meine Diplomarbeit gemacht hatte, auch als Masken für ein Musikvideo anzufertigen. Ich hatte direkt zugesagt und einige tolle Ideen im Kopf, wie ich die Masken umsetzen könnte. Zwar war mir auch ein bisschen mulmig zumute, da ich Masken in dieser Art, und für diese Verwendung vorher noch nie angefertigt hatte. Meine Aufgabe zunächst war es sechs Masken anzufertigen. Drei Masken für ein freundliches Monster aus dem Schrank und drei Masken für Taika, beide in jung, mittlerem alter und alt. Ich nahm also meine ganze Motivation und habe eine Probearbeit in Form einer Bärenmaske angefertigt. So mal “schnell übers Wochenende” war diese dann auch schon fertig. Nun konnte ich auch ein bisschen selbstbewusster an den “richtigen” Masken arbeiten. Insgesamt haben wir uns letztendlich auf 3 Masken für den MusikVideodreh geeinigt da ich fand, das dies die bessere Lösung wäre, bei denen dann vor Ort während dem Dreh noch Veränderungen vorgenommen werden sollen, da die Charaktere während der Story noch altern.
Zuerst habe ich ein paar Skizzen angefertigt, die besprochen wurden. Zusätzlich haben wir geklärt, was überhaupt in meinen Möglichkeiten liegt und was sich gut umsetzen lässt. Generell hatte ich bei der Gestaltung viel freie Hand und konnte mich austoben.
Nach weiteren eher missglückten Experimenten habe ich für die kleineren Masken Styroporköpfe für Perücken bestellt und diese umfilzt. Für die Kreaturen-Maske habe ich eine einfache Form aus Folien zurechtgeschnitten und diese dann umfilzt. Details habe ich mit Filznadeln trocken angebracht. EASYPEASY also ; )



Eigentlich sollte der Dreh dann schon im Oktober stattfinden. Der Termin hat sich dann noch um ein Weilchen verschoben, was aber gar nicht so schlimm war, da ich so noch mehr Zeit hatte an den Masken zu arbeiten. Ab und zu braucht man zu seinen Arbeiten auch einen gewissen Zeitlichen Abstand um sie dann nochmal aus einer anderen Sicht betrachten zu können. Bei mir ist es jedenfalls so, dass ich nicht immer sofort sagen kann ob etwas gut geworden ist oder nicht und nehme mir ein paar Tage Zeit um ein bisschen Abstand von meiner Arbeit zu gewinnen.

Zusätzlich durfte ich dann auch noch ein paar Illustrationen anfertigen, die im Video dann noch auftauchen. Zu sehen sind diese in dem Buch, das ab und an mal im Video auftaucht.

Vor dem Videodreh selbst hatte ich dann schon ei bisschen Bammel. Zwar hatte ich meinem Freund die Masken Test weise aufgesetzt aber man weiß ja dann doch nicht wie sie später an den Schauspielern und im Umfeld mit dem Set wirken. Außerdem bin ich ja eher jemand der zurückhalten ist und der sich unwohl fühlt, wenn zu viele Menschen auf einem Haufen anzutreffen sind.
Anfang März 2016 sollte es dann auch soweit sein. Zugtickets hatte ich vorher schon gebucht. Ziemlich früh morgens machte ich mich auf den Weg von Nürnberg nach Marburg mit einem großen Koffer voll mit Masken, Filzwolle, Filznadeln, Wolle, Faden, Schere und anderem Kram, den man im Notfall noch gebrauchen konnte.
Zum Glück hatte sich sofort nach der Ankunft herausgestellt, dass das Team sehr klein war und ich vor niemandem Angst haben musste. Gedreht wurde in einem kleinen Theater in Marburg. Das Set war schon aufgebaut, als ich ankam. Die Bühne war komplett schwarz und dekoriert mit einem hängendem Fenster, einem Bett, Nachttischchen und Schrank (in dem das Monster wohnt). Ich war bisher noch nie bei einem Videodreh dabei als war alles ganz neu und unheimlich interessant für mich. Vor Ort war ich dann dafür zuständig, den Schauspielern ihre Kostüme richtig anzuziehen und auch dabei zu helfen, dass alles richtig sitzt und diese nachdem “CUT” Ruf auch wieder schnellstmöglich abzunehmen, da es unter den Filzhauben wirklich ziemlich warm und stickig wurde.
Am gleichen Tag als ich angekommen bin ging der Dreh auch schon los. Für den nächsten Tag war dann zuerst ein Außendreh geplant und danach nochmal ein paar Szenen im Theater.
Schon nach den ersten paar Szenen, die kurz einstudiert und gefilmt wurden war ich sehr begeistert, wie die Masken wirkten und auch wie sie durch die Schauspieler richtig lebendig wurden. Für Taika gab es übrigens zwei Masken, da es noch eine kleine und junge Schauspielerin gab, die eine kleinere Maske, die sehr jung aussehen sollte bekommen hat. Die erwachsene Taika-Maske habe ich dann am zweiten Tag nochmal um ein paar Falten ergänzt und ihr eine neue Frisur gemacht.
Der erste Tag ging also ziemlich schnell herum, da so viel neues und aufregendes für mich passiert ist. Da wurde es wirklich niemandem langweilig.
Schon nach dem ersten Tag hatte ich ein wirklich gutes Gefühl. Die Farben haben alle gut und harmonisch zusammengepasst, und auch die Masken passten zum Bühnenaufbau, obwohl ich vorher gar nicht wusste, was dafür geplant war. Die Masken, die ich extra für das video angefertigt hatte waren plötzlich richtig lebendig und nicht so starr, wie ich sie Monate zuvor in meinen eigenen Wänden erlebt hatte. Ab und an habe ich dann auch zwischendurch auf den kleinen Monitor der Filmkamera geschaut und war stark beeindruckt von der Wirkung des Ganzen.
Der zweite Drehtag war ein bisschen anstrengender für alle. Der Außendreh war angesagt und die Wettervorhersage war eher unerfreulich. Gerade als wir angekommen sind hatte es angefangen zu regnen und wir waren kaum auf das Wetter vorbereitet. Zwischendurch hatte es dann schwer geschüttet und gehagelt. Zum glück konnten wir und während dem Unwetter trocken unterstellen. Am zittern und durchnässt waren wir trotzdem alle. Die Laune und Stimmung war dann auch dementsprechend, Aber ich denke trotzdem hat es sich gelohnt, das alles durchzustehen, denn das Ergebnis spricht für sich. Abgesehen von dem Wetter, das niemandem so richtig gefallen hat und ein kleiner Zwischenfall mit der Filmkamera, denke ich , dass der Dreh insgesamt wirklich gut war.
Später hat das Umgestalten der Masken ganz gut und zügig geklappt, die Veränderungen waren auch nicht zu übertrieben. Das Monster hat noch mehr und längere Haare bekommen. Auch die Hörner sind “gewachsen”. Hier und da sind ein paar Fältchen hinzu gekommen.
Auch wenn ich große Angst vor dem Aufeinandertreffen von einigen fremden Leuten hatte muss ich sagen, dass ich sehr froh und dankbar für diese Erfahrung bin und auch mächtig Stolz auf das Ergebnis und dass ich meinen kleinen Teil an diesem Projekt beitragen konnte. Das Projekt hat unglaublich viel Spass gemacht und ich hoffe, dass sich bald wieder so eine Möglichkeit ergibt.
Und nun schaut schnell das Video und lasst ein paar Kommentare da. Ich würde mich auf jeden Fall freuen!
Ach ja und hier findet ihr noch die Social Media Links von Taika:


Herzlich bedanken möchte ich mich auch noch bei Christopher, der mit seinen Ideen zu dem Video an mich herangetreten ist und der alles so großartig umgesetzt und gemanaged hat.

P.S.: Ich bin offen für neue Projekte und fertige auch gerne Monster, Püppchen und andere Gestalten auf Anfrage an. Meldet euch einfach mit eurer Idee bei mir!


taika und gunther

taika illustrations
(noch mehr Bilder gibts weiter unten)

This project started with a short call over a year ago. I was asked if i think that it would be possible to make masks similar to the creatures i created for my diploma for a music video. I instantly said yes and already had some great ideas on my mind, how to approach this project. Of course, i was a bit worried, because i never had created any masks like this and never worked on a music video before. First it looked like my task would be to create 6 masks. Three for a friendly beast and 3 for Taika (young, middle-aged and old versions for each). So, I took my motivation and tried to figure it out. While doing this I created a bear mask. easy peasy over the weekend it was done. Now i could approach this project with a bit more confidence and start to work on the real thing. In the end we settled for 3 masks for the video instead of 6, because it was a better solution to make changes on the fly while filming instead of trying to create 3 different masks for each character that still should exactly resemble each other, just in different ages.
So the first step on the real project were sketches that i talked through with my client. We also exactly told them what was possible and what was the best way to achieve that. They mostly gave me free reign with the design and I could go wild on it. After a few hit-n-miss experiments how to actually get the shape i wanted to, i ordered some styro-heads, that are usually used for wigs and felted around them for the smaller masks. For the big monster mask I created a huge shape out of film and felted around that. All the details were applied dry. Easypeasy.

The Shoot was planned for october, but had to be postponed for a bit. I actually thought this was good, so I had still more time to work on the masks. Sometimes you need a bit distance from your work to actually judge it and that the shoot didn’t happen as early as planned helped me look at them in another way. At least I can’t always instantly tell if I like what I did and then it takes me some days and being disconnected from it to make up my mind.

Additionally to the masks I also made some Illustrations that are in the video. They’re in the book that is sometimes shown.
I felt a bit anxious about the shoot itself. For testing purposes I only had the chance to put the masks on my boyfriend, but I had no idea how they would actually look on the actors and how they would fit with the actual set. Additionally i’m a more of a cautious person that doesn’t feel to well when too many people are in one place.

So in March 2016 the day finally came. I had booked my train tickets way ahead and got on my train very early in the morning, from Nürnberg to Marburg, with a big suitcase full of masks, wool, needles, threads, scissors and a lot of other stuff that I might need. I was very glad that the team turned out to be very small so I didn’t have to worry about that. The music video was filmed in a small theate in Marburg. The set was already built when I arrived. The stage was completely in black and was furnished with a window, a bed, a nightstand and a closet (where the beast lives). I have never been at a video shoot before and everything was new and incredibly interesting to me. My job was to basically put the actors into their costumes and help that everything fits well and looks good. I also had to be quick after every “CUT” to help them out of it, because under these feltmasks, the air gets incredibly sticky very fast. We started on the same day that I arrived, on the next day it was planned to shoot something outside and then again at the theatre.

After the first scenes were rehearsed and shot, my anxiety was replaced by excitement, because the actors really brought the masks to live. For Taika there were 2 masks, because there was also a little girl who played taika as a child, so we needed a smaller mask for that. The grown up mask was altered for the second day with some wrinkles and a different, older hair style.
The first day went by really quick, as there were so many new and cool things happenening for me. I had a real good feeling after the first day. The colors all fit well and harmonically together and the masks fit well with the set, although I didn’t really know what the set was gonna look like when working on them. The masks were suddenly alive and not as boring as I saw them in the months while they were in my apartment. When I looked at the small monitor for the camera i was so impressed how it all played together.
The second day was harder for everybody. The outside shoot was first and the forecast wasn’t looking nice. Just as we arrived at our destination, it started to rain and, while the forecast said it, we were not prepared for it. After a few takes the rain got heavier and it even started to hail. Fortunately we found some shelter. We still were all shivering and soggy to the bone and the mood was also a bit down. But it was all worth it, the final product speaks for itself. Apart from the weather, that nobody liked and small incident with the camera. I think the whole experience was great for everyone involved.

The Alteration of the masks went very quick, the changes weren’t too crazy though. The monster got longer hair, some wrinkles and the horns got bigger.
While I was really scared to meet and work with absolute strangers I really have to say that i am absolutely grateful for this wonderful experience and that I am very proud on the outcome and the small part I contributed to it. The project was a lot of fun and I hope to get another opportunity at similar projects very soon.
And now, Quick, watch the video and leave some comments. I would really love that.

Here are Taikas social media links:











Viele liebe Grüße