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  • Artrage4 Portrait Speed Drawing Video

    As a new years resolution i wanted to improve my digital drawing skills by drawing more with my tablet and various programs. My favourite so far is Artrage4. Several times i tried my best to draw something in Photoshop but i just failed so much. It just doesn’t feel like drawing at all. I still want to try Krita though just out of curiosity since there is a free Version of it . At the beginning of the month i bought a new graphic tablet. Since then i draw every day on it even if it’s just some sketches. Although i think i improved a bit in that time i still have a long way to go to become better in shading, colouring, mood and scenery/composition. But there is always something to become better at, isn’t it? I still struggle a bit with how much longer it takes me to draw on the tablet, but i save up time scanning, correcting, touching up or even cutting out some Illustrations. Until now i drew some portraits, a few artworks, tried some handlettering and coloured some of my traditional drawings for a book project. Most of the Illustrations i created in the last few weeks you can see on my Instagram account (anja.sturm) and my facebook page Anja Sturm Illustration . I also plan on recording my drawings with OBS and make little timelapse videos in the future. And because i just finished and uploaded my first video i thought it would be a nice opportunity to write a small blog post about it. I made a really really short video just to give you an idea of how i draw digitally. The original video material is about 55 minutes and i don’t think someone would watch that without some talking. As you may have noticed i added some more details to the illustration, just didn’t record it.

    All the best,

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  • Meet The Artist

    A few days ago i did the #meettheartist tag on instagram (@anja.sturm) and i thought it would be nice to share it here as well. There wasn’t enough space for ALL the information i had in mind but i hope you get a vague idea of who is behind this blog. Is there something else that you’d like to know?

    All the best

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  • Instagram Follower Drawing Project


    I recently started a drawing project on Instagram. It’s about drawing my followers. I have a lot of fun to get to know my followers better and have a new connection to them. It’s also an opportunity to give something back for all the support I get. I love it to see when someone shares my art. It gives my a good feeling that i am on the right way.
    If you want to join, here are the rules:

    Want me to draw a portrait of YOU in my style? I might make it happen:

    1. you need to follow my instagram: @anja.sturm
    2.  Add any art image from my gallery on your IG and link my instagram name @anja.sturm
    3. upload a cool image of yourself to your IG with the hashtag #anjadrawme

    I know, it’s probably gonna be a slow start, but i want to upload a picture of a follower every other day.
    please only tag yourself and remember that i can’t see your profile if it is set private. There is no guarantee that i draw you (but i’ll do my best to do as many as possible) and i will keep the original artwork.
    This is inspired by @sketchmyface / @simple_simon

    Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich auf Instagram ein neues Projekt gestartet. Es geht darum, meine Follower zu zeichnen. Ich habe wirklich viel Spass an dem Projekt und es ist wirklich interessant meine Follower besser kennenzulernen. Das schafft eine ganz neue Verbindung. Ich finde es wirklich großartig auf diesem Weg etwas für die ganze Unterstützung die ich erhalte etwas kleines zurückgeben zu können. Ich freue mich jedes mal wirklich sehr darüber, wenn jemand meine Zeichnungen teilt. Es ist wirklich ein gutes Gefühl zu wissen, dass ich auf dem richtigen Weg bin.
    Wie ihr an dem Projekt teilnehmen könnt:

    1. Folgt meinem Instagram Account @anja.sturm
    2. Speichert euch eines meiner Bilder, fügt es eurem Instagram hinzu und verlinkt mich.
    3. Ladet ein tolles Bild von euch hoch, dass ihr gerne gezeichnet haben wollt und taggt das Ganze mit #anjadrawme

    Bitte taggt nur euch selbst und stellt sicher, dass euer Profil nicht auf privat gestellt ist (sonst kann ich das Bild nicht sehen) Es gibt keine Garantie dafür dass ich euch zeichne, aber ich tue mein bestes, so viele wie möglich fertig zu stellen : ) Die Originale werde ich selbst behalten.

    portrait drawing anja sturm

    portrait drawing anja sturm 02

    portraits collage anja sturm