Week #02 2018

While scanning some illustrations that I want to insert in this blogpost I wrote in my calendar what I did today and looked back at what I achieved this past week. On monday an important appoitment was short term cancelled which turned my whole planning for that day upside down. I then answered some business emails and felt a bit lost because I hadn’t planned anything else for that day except this appointment. I really can’t handle spontanious changes very well because I prepare the situations and what will happen in my day in my mind a lot. I just have to know what is going on in my day to feel I am under control and not feeling lost or that I waste too much time doing nothing (what i actually do most of the time and it makes me feel bad because i know better). In general I need to change a lot in my daily routine. I need to get up earlier. Although I am a freelance Clip art illustratror and I actually work better at night when it is quiet outside and everyone else is sleeping. On the other hand I know that I get even more stuff done when I also get up earlier than I currently get up. Time management is so important when you are self employed and there are a million ideas in your head and another thounsand ideas on your to do lists. I still have to learn to manage my time better to be more efficient and productive. That’s one thing i started my calendar and started blogging again just to see that i’m not doing nothing all day. My mind tricks me a lot and at the end of the day the negative things weigh heavier than the rest.

We also visited my boyfriends mom and made a litte sleepover. One of the reasons for that visit is because we are thinking about adopting a cat and my boyfriends mom has some furry friends at home and we wanted to check out how much my body still reacts to cats. As far as i can think back my family always had cats and even when i lived with my mom we had a cat at home but in the last few years my body reacted bad to cat hair. My eyes, ears and nose all went itchy and once even my eyes were totally swollen. When i knew i visited someone with cats i took allergy pills for prevention. The symptoms didn’t get worse with the pills but they also knocked me out and made me very very tired and sluggish. The last visits went really well, because i avoided to touch a cat or go near them and i nearly had no itchy eyes or a running nose or even worse even without allergy pills which felt really positive. The last visit i tried to cuddle a lot with the cats to see if i still have allergy reactions or if it was just something temporary. All i got was a bit of any itchy nose, no other reactions. Once a doctor told me if an animal gets sick/ill you can develope allergic reactions towards those animals. Sadly “my” cat that lived with my mom died this year and since then i didn’t notice any reactions towards other cats. I suggest “my” cat was sick/ill way before we even noticed it and my body just reacted to this or maybe it was just something else, i guess i will never know exactly what happened and why. For now we are pretty positive and i can’t wait to have a cat around me again.

Since a while my boyfriend, his friends and me regularly play gta 5 online together which perse is a lot of fun but i also like just to drive around alone and look at the landscapes. I am very enthusiastic about one special radio station which i ALWAYS listen to. It’s just called “Los Santos Rock Radio” and i’m actually following that playlist on spotify. To those who are familiar with the game: I love the Faggio. Almost daily i listen to this playlist and never get tired. I can recommend it a lot. I never thought i would once listen to those bands my dad always talked about. I especially enjoy Kansas, Boston and Chicago a LOT. I also added most of their albums to my favourits and listen to them regularly. Thats just a very new experience for me because i never really liked to listen to “old” music. I just don’t hope thats part of getting older or growing up ; )

For the plan of adopting a cat I started to felt a little cat cave. I don’t felt with water a lot anymore so I’m a bit out of practise. When I started that projecti had exactly in mind what I wanted it to look like. Nothing complex, in fact pretty easy to make and with no extras. Imagine a biiig egg in black with a little hole to enter. Well it turned out like a black shapeless UFO that just crashed the earth. I am really unhappy how it turned out and although I already placed it on the couch I want to work on it once more and hopefully it will turn out as a wonderful black dragon egg. I worked on that thing really hard and I even had aching legs after I felted for at least five or six hours on that unsatisfying thing. I had to work on the floor because we don’t own or have a place for a table that would be big enouth for such a project. All in all when you are wet felting you have to work bigger in the beginning. While felting the wool will shrink a several percentage of it’s actual size. My UFO was really big at the beginning and also the texture turned out really nice and even. Just the shape is not twhat I had in mind. I will report about this thing again when it hopefully will look beautiful one day.

Of course i made some Illustrations and drew almost daily. Randomly I made a really tiny comic strip because from time to time i lose my motivation and can’t get excited about any idea that comes to my mind. Nothing seems good enough. So tha’s the simply story of this one. Also i made a little private Illustration for myself. I made a little handdrawn self portrait which i want to send to send to a few illustration websites. All in all i just worked on personal projects which is a lot of fun. Sadly for now i have no new commissions. Lucky for you if you have something in mind that you want me to draw for you. Maybe as a gift (valentines day is coming for couple portraits) or for your blog/business? Maybe you need a new mascott or a new individual handdrawn logo or lettering? Let me know and write an email!

Quite a while ago i started this “thing” to draw and experiment with and i want it to come to life again or maybe come to life at all. i started this imaginary band thatt is called “Yes this is Bear” so make some cool band merch and album art works and everything visual around a band. I want to come up with cool storys, comics and so on. So i started drawing again and made a cool handletered typo and an Artwork with the girl and the bear. I still have to figure out a lot, especially the real music part. I think this is a great idea to tell a lot and draw a lot of stuff that i like and can relate to. I hope i can show the final artwork and some other ideas, drawings and projects within the “Yes this is Bear” project. Furthermore i am working on other personal projects and ideads that i am super excited about but i don’t want to tell too much because i don’t know how to realize the whole project exactly. Basically i want to make a kind of collection of my 2017 drawings and illustrations as maybe a zine or a booklet. Just can’t put my thoughts exactly in words yet, thats what I want to figure out in the next week.

My excercising this week didn’t go very well and I just made space two times this week to run which is not acceptable for me and my plan also my eating was a bit off and too much. I just made too many excuses with the visit and other things. Coming back to time management I need to make space every day again. No excuses. Just trying to do it better again the following week. YAY.


April Desktop Wallpaper: Maus’ Frühlingsgefühle


Auch wenn es hier auf dem Blog noch kein Maus-Update gibt, sitze ich fleißig an Entwürfen, Storyboard, Skizzen und Artworks. Letzteres habe ich dann auch gleich für einen Desktop Hintergrund gemacht, da die Zeit passend war und ich total Lust darauf hatte, mal wieder eine kleine Kalenderseite zu machen. Passend für den noch nicht bemerkbaren Frühling habe ich die kleine Maus in ein kleines Landschaftsszenario gesteckt inklusive Palmkätzchen, die mich immer besonders an schönere Jahreszeiten erinnern.
Auch dieses Mal habe ich meinen Entwurf bei Smashing Magazine(<-link) eingereicht und siehe da, schon heute kann man viele Wallpapers( Ich freue mich wirklich unglaublich, dass ich wieder dabei sein kann und somit auch die Chance habe meine Illustrationen einem größeren Publikum zeigen zu können. Auf der Seite von Smashing Magazine könnt ihr euch die Wallpapers in den verschiedensten Größen herunterladen und für euren Desktop einrichten. Es gibt sogar eine Version für euer Smartphone ; ).

hello april blog

Um euch eine zusätzliche Freude zu machen, habe ich mir überlegt, dass es vielleicht auch ganz nützlich sein könnte, wenn man den Kalender ausdrucken könnte. Vielleicht mögt ihr ihn ja an die Wand hängen oder in eurem Terminkalender einheften. Hierfür habe ich verschiedenen Dateien für euch zum Download vorbereitet. Ziemlich cool fände ich es dann eure Drucke als Foto sehen zu können, vielleicht ja auf Instagram? Mein Name auf Instagram hat sich in der Zwischenzeit geändert. Ihr könnt mich gerne taggen oder auf den Bildern verlinken : anja.sturm

HIER könnt ihr die Datei als Pdf für den Druck als Din A4 Querformat herunterladen
HIER könnt ihr die Datei als Pdf für den druck als Din A5 Hochformat herunterladen (kann man bestimmt auch als Din A6 drucken)

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Viele liebe Grüße

November Kalender


Auf Twitter und Facebook habe ich denk Link zwar schon verteilt, hier muss aber auch nochmal Platz dafür sein. Für den November habe ich wieder einen kleinen Desktopkalender gemacht. Eigentlich steckt keine großartige Idee dahinter und viel Bezug zum Monat hat das Motiv auch nicht. Allerdings habe ich mit dieser Zeichnung ausprobiert ob ich das, was ich bisher so im Oktober gezeichnet habe, nicht auch irgendwie Digital hinbekommen kann. Ich besitze im Moment leider nur ein sehr kleines Grafiktablet (Wacom Bamboo von anno dazumal mit Kabel)). Dieses habe ich mir mal vor Jahren gekauft um überhaupt auszuprobieren, ob ich damit zurechtkomme, da mir eigentlich immer davon abgeraten wurde. Jeder, den ich damals zu Grafik Tablets befragt hatte meinte, dass das schon eine große Umstellung sei zum analogen Zeichnen und dass das wieder viel Übung bräuchte. Klar ist das digitale Zeichnen ganz anders (bis man sich daran gewöhnt hat), aber ich habe schnell Spaß daran gefunden, vor Allem weil bei dem Wacom Tablet auch ein Zeichnprogramm (Artrage) dabei war, welches mir wirklich Freude bereitet. Auch wenn ich das Zeichnen mit dem Tablet immer eher vernachlässige habe ich mir vorgenommen wieder mehr damit zu machen. Vielleicht werde ich mir in Zukunft dafür auch mal einen Monat aussuchen, da ich das Prinzip vom Inktober einfach super fand.
Jedenfalls finde ich das Ergebnis dafür, dass ich das Tablet dieses Jahr 2 Mal in der Hand hatte echt passabel. Darum habe ich auch mein Glück versucht und das Wallpaper Design an Smashing Magazine geschickt, die jeden Monat eine Auswahl an Wallpapers auf ihrer Seite veröffentlichen. Meins war dann auch auf Anhieb dabei, was mich schon ein kleines bisschen Stolz gemacht hat. Auf Smashing Magazine ( ein bisschen runterscrollen ) könnt ihr unter vielen anderen tollen Wallpapers auch meines in den verschiedensten Größen herunterladen. Ich hoffe ihr schaut mal vorbei und erfreut euch daran : )


Viele liebe Grüße