Week #04 2018

Last week I was preparing a lot for my newest project. I wrote about it in the last blog post, but that idea is getting clearer every day. I plan on making a collection of illustrations and drawings i created in 2017 as a booklet/zine. I already picked the artworks i like the most and put them in the right order to make it look coherent and nice. For now it already has 48 pages including the front and back cover. The Booklet will definitely also be my first kickstarter project because of the obvious reasons. I still have to do a bit of layout for the cover and also have to write a text about “the artist” which i think is always a very difficult part. Who likes to write about themselves anyways? What would you like to know about me or read about me, what is the most interesting thing for you to read? maybe i can include a little FAQ as well? We (my boyfriend, who helps me a lot, and me) also had many ideas for possible rewards we want to offer and i think they are really great and fair. This may not sound like a lot to do but i spent almost the whole week with preparing this idea, layouting and organizing the order of the Artworks, thinking of rewards, looking for a printer/print shop, calculating and so on.
Between all of this i didn’t find much time to draw a lot of new stuff but just a little bit at the end of the days to calm down and do at least something productive i can hold in my hands. Last week I told you about some sketches i made and i started to draw the first artworks which will end in another project i guess. One lettering Illustration is done and i started another drawing which isn’t coloured yet. Since i don’t know if i can finish this project right in time i dont’t want to tell too much about it, and also the kickstarter project is more important right now.
Yes, these few sentences basically already tell you almost everything about my week.

On Friday we went for a coffee to a bar. We usually don’t go out that often but i thought it would be nice to go out and see something different than always stay at home and stare at our screens. I actually planned to draw in public and make some quick studies of people and things. The Coffee shop we first wanted to go was closed because of vacation and then we decided to go to another bar we knew. But there were quite a lot of people and i began to feel a bit uncomfortable and we chose to sit on the lower floor where no other tables were taken. Until we decided to leave again 2 hours later there weren’t many people, so there simply wasn’t a lot to watch and draw. But we had a nice time anyways with ginger ale and some fries and i think we should make this a regular thing. Back when i was preparing my portfolios for university 10 or more years ago i always went outside to draw stills, plants, landscapes and i even went to the zoo to draw animals in action. Practising, drawing, and sketching outside is anyways really important and a thing i should do more often. I really can’t wait for the weather to be nice again.

Also on friday I tried to make a cake for a friends Birthday on saturday. “tried” because i already bought all the ingredients for the cake but i couldnt find my cake tin anywhere because i forgot it at another friends. I decided to make the reciepe anyways and put the dough in a cupcake tin. Lesson learned. A caked recipe is not really suitable for cupcake tins. At least the crumbs tasted very good. The dough stuck to the tin very well and there was no way to get it out in one piece although i put some margarine in the tin before adding the dough. But it was also really depressing bringing the whole cupcake tin to the party and giving the guests not a perfectly formed cupcake but just some sad looking crumbs because you destroy everything by getting the thing out of the tin. What’s the best way to deal with this stuation anyways? Bring the crumbs or bring nothing at all?
My excersising was great this week. Everyday I spent 1,5 hous running on the spot with my wii fit program. At first the scale was pretty generous with me and went down a few numbers, but at the end of the week I saw the same nummers again that i saw a few weeks ago which was very depressing and unmotivating because a wasn’t eating out of my plan or even too much. I will have to figure out what was wrong that week and maybe i will have to start to write down again what i eat and also the amount of what i eat to get it right again and not to lose the rest of my motivation to lose more weight. My app says i burned 4125 calories by walking with a total of 101761 steps and a distance of 73,26 kilometres. Compared to the week before i definitely burned more calories, sadly i didn’t track what i ate to compare. But there is no difference on the scale.

All the best,

Miaus Mad Minerals


Vor ein paar Ewigkeiten hatte ich euch versprochen alle meine Mad Minerals zu swatchen, da dies aber ein großer Aufwand ist und ich somit einige Zeit einplanen musste, hatte diese Vorhaben nun einige Zeit gebraucht, da ich die Zeit dafür erst mal finden musste. Aber es hat nun ja doch noch geklappt. Hier also die schönen Minerals farblich geordnet : )
Ich hab die Minerals einmal ohne und einmal mit der Base von U.M.A aufgetragen und man sieht da schon einen deutlichen Unterschied. Die Farben kommen mit Base viel kräftiger heraus. Auch die Haltbarkeit der Minerals erhöht sich durch eine gute Base. Hier, Hier und Hier findet ihr noch ein paar andere Blogeinträge von mir zu diesem Thema.

Habt ihr auch Mad Minerals? Wie findet ihr sie? Welches sind eure Lieblingsfarben, oder findet ihr sie gar nicht so besonders?
Falls ihr irgendwelche Farbkombinationswünsche habt, die ihr mal als Augenmakeup sehen wollt, hinterlasst mir bitte einen Kommentar: )

Viele liebe Grüße

Miaus Kleine DVD Sammlung


ich möchte euch meine kleine ansammlung an dvds zeigen. klar sind filme -wie auch musik und alles andere- geschmackssache aber ich mag euch einfach ein paar filme ans herz legen die mir besonders wichtig sind. klar habe ich nicht nur gute filme, es sind auch einige schwarze schafe dabei. von den meisten fühle ich mich aber sehr gut unterhalten, und eine hand voll davon schaft es sogar, dass ich sie mir regelmäßig ansehe.


filme von links nach rechts:

lost in translation
edward mit den scherenhänden
wie ein einziger tag
butterfly effect
shaun of the dead
ed wood
last samurai
kings of rock tenacious d
charlie und die schokoladenfabrik
a beautiful mind
die letzten glühwürmchen
die fabelhafte welt der amelie
chihiros reise ins zauberland
der letzte kuss
dancer in the dark
mathilde- eine große liebe
little miss sunshine
adams äpfel
napoleon dynamite
fear and loathing in las vegas
vergiss mein nicht
garden state
das schloss im himmel
das wandelnde schloss
11:14 eleven fourteen
big fish
elvis aloha from hawaii
kurt krömer- na du alte kackbratze
batmans rückkehr
walk the line
sweeny todd
zusammen ist man weniger allein
donnie darko
queer as folk staffel 1-4 (wer die 5 staffel hat und nicht mehr möchte ich habe interesse)

eine hand voll andere filme habe ich natürlich auch noch , aber die sind irgendwo und gerade unauffindbar; )

die durchgestrichenen titel mag ich nicht.
grüne titel sind die, die ich mir noch 100 mal ansehen kann.
filme, bei denen ich regelmäßig ein paar tränen vergiese sind unterstrichen.
filme die blau markiert sind, finde ich nicht schlecht aber schlafe nach 10 minuten dabei ein.
die filme, die nicht markiert sind auch  alle auch super, sonst hätte ich sie durchgestrichen.

wenn ihr mir filme empfehlen wollt immer gerne her damit.
wenn ihr weitere infos zu nem speziellen film von mir haben wollt, gerne.

und wem es vielleicht aufgefallen ist, ja ich mag johnny depp und tim burton ; )

viele liebe grüße