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Some of you who follow me on instagram know that i did a drawing challenge in june. Altough it was “just” an everyday doodling challenge i made little pencil illustrations in black and white. I decided to take the daily topics/words and combine it with my Maus character. All in all I really enjoyed the challenge even though i had some bad days when i couldn’t draw or wasn’t motivated enough. Altogether i managed to make 20 Illustrations in that month. For the moment i just scanned them and put the drawings just somewhere in the drawer i put all of my personal illustrations after i scanned them. Yet a few weeks later i thought it was a pity if the drawings were just forgotten somewhere so i thought i give it a try and work on them again. To not destroy the illustrations because i know i am not that good with colours and colouring i decided that i would colour them digitally. For that i used ArtRage that came with my tiny Wacom Bamboo One tablet. It’s quite nice for blending colours because with some settings and adjustments it behaves just like real paint on canvas and you can mix the colours really nice and smoothly. To use ArtRage for me is so much more easy as trying so hard in Photoshop where i have no clue what to do when it comes to painting and all the different functions and brushes. So i had the layer of the drawing and i just multiplied the other layers of paint together. For the colours i try to not use much darker shades than the pencil drawing to not mess with the contrasts. So far i only coloured my five favourites but in the end i will colour them all when i find enough time. I put the drawings together in a set of prints that are each 14,9×14,9m that you can now find in my Etsy Shop.







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anja sturm prints etsy shop

If you follow me on social media for example Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you have seen a lot of postcards and prints in my timeline. I made some designs for handmade linocut prints and I chose some illustrations and artworks from my gallery and portfolio to print some of the motives. All this work was for my new Etsy shop AnjaSturmPrints where you now can find postcards of prints of my illustrations as well as handmade limited linocut prints in postcard format. A project I really loved to make are my original artwork monster postcards. I made 99 individual drawings of creatures with pencil, oil pastels and markers and each one is one of a kind and very unique.
This is just the the base of my shop and I have tons of ideas for motives I want to make in the future. It is worth the time to look into the shop from time to time to find something new. You can also always suggest an illustration I made for a postcard motive just let me know somehow by commenting on the picture you see and like. I also plan to make greeting cards and posters and so much more. You would make me very happy if you stopped by in my shop. Oh, and as an extra I can tell you there are always some goodies and extra stuff with every order. It would make me very happy if you supported my by sharing my  shop with your friends <3


Wenn ihr mir auf den Social Media Plattformen wie zum Beispiel Twitter, Facebook oder Instagram folgt, habt ihr in den letzten Tagen und Wochen viele Postkarten und Drucke von mir gesehen. Ich habe Designs für handgemachte Linolschnitte entworfen sowie ein paar meiner Zeichnungen und Illustrationen aus meinem Portfolio auf Postkarten drucken lassen. All diese Arbeit habe ich mir für meinen neuen Etsy Shop AnjaSturmPrints gemacht, in dem ihr die ganzen Postkarten, Drucke und Sticker finden könnt, die ich bisher gemacht habe. Darunter sind einige limitierte Auflagen an Drucken, die ich eigenhändig zu Hause angefertigt und gedruckt habe. Ein wirklich besonderes Projekt sind die 99 Monster Postkarten. Jede der 99 Postkarten und somit auch die Kreaturen sind ein original Artwork und von Hand mit Bleistift, Öl-Pastell Kreiden und Markern gezeichnet.
Das ist nun erst mal die Grundlage an Postkarten, Drucken und Stickern in meinem Shop. Ich habe noch unzählig viele Ideen für neue Motive, deshalb lohnt es sich auch ab und an mal in dem Shop vorbei zu schauen um etwas neues zu entdecken. Ihr könnt mir auch gerne neue Motive vorschlagen, wenn ihr von mir eine Zeichnung seht, die ihr für geeignet haltet. Lasst es mich einfach mit einem kleinen Kommentar wissen. Es würde mich wirklich sehr freuen wenn ihr in dem Shop vorbei schaut. Ach ja, genau, zu jeder Bestellung gibt es ein kleines Extra als Überraschung dazu. Ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen wenn ihr mich unterstützt und den Link zu meinem Shop mit euren Freunden teilt <3



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