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  • Storytime Part 02


    A lot has to be done before the celebration and Mama Maus is already on her way to get some ingredients for the Christmas cookies. Papa Mouse is also outside in the woods to find a suitable Christmas tree.

    Bis zur Feier muss noch viel erledigt werden und Mama Maus hat sich schon auf gemacht ein paar Zutaten für die Weihnachtsplätzchen zu besorgen und
    Papa Maus ist unterwegs um einen geeigneten Weihnachtsbaum zu finden.

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  • Maus Prints


    Some of you who follow me on instagram know that i did a drawing challenge in june. Altough it was “just” an everyday doodling challenge i made little pencil illustrations in black and white. I decided to take the daily topics/words and combine it with my Maus character. All in all I really enjoyed the challenge even though i had some bad days when i couldn’t draw or wasn’t motivated enough. Altogether i managed to make 20 Illustrations in that month. For the moment i just scanned them and put the drawings just somewhere in the drawer i put all of my personal illustrations after i scanned them. Yet a few weeks later i thought it was a pity if the drawings were just forgotten somewhere so i thought i give it a try and work on them again. To not destroy the illustrations because i know i am not that good with colours and colouring i decided that i would colour them digitally. For that i used ArtRage that came with my tiny Wacom Bamboo One tablet. It’s quite nice for blending colours because with some settings and adjustments it behaves just like real paint on canvas and you can mix the colours really nice and smoothly. To use ArtRage for me is so much more easy as trying so hard in Photoshop where i have no clue what to do when it comes to painting and all the different functions and brushes. So i had the layer of the drawing and i just multiplied the other layers of paint together. For the colours i try to not use much darker shades than the pencil drawing to not mess with the contrasts. So far i only coloured my five favourites but in the end i will colour them all when i find enough time. I put the drawings together in a set of prints that are each 14,9×14,9m that you can now find in my Etsy Shop.







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  • Hello World, Again!


    This is it. This is a complete new start for the blog. This Year wasn’t the best so far. A lot happened and i had to take care of my health. 2016 started with bad and extreme pain in my back. For a few days i thought it was just another lumbago. I dealt with that several times and thought it would just go away if i waited long enough. I got worried, because the pain started to grow down my leg. I then went to doctors and specialists, they gave me some pain killers and said it would just go away by itself. After several months of taking painkillers, having physical therapy, MRTs, more appointment at doctors and people who were supposed to help me instead of telling me to wait, the pain got worse and worse. Since february i knew it was a disc prolapse. I really tried to do exercises to build some muscles, but the pain in my back and my right leg made me quit moving a lot. Since may i couldn’t sit anymore. Did I tell you that I didn’t feel ANY effect from the pain killers i took? By the time of june even going for groceries was horror. Once i even passed out from the pain. At the beginning of August it was bad enough to call the ambulance. I still couldn’t sit, I coulnd’t stand and walk anymore and I needed help to go to the bathroom, the only possible way to lay down was to lay on my belly. It was a huge overcoming for me to go to hospital because i didn’t think i was an emergency case. At long last the pain was bigger than my anxiety. When I arrived at the hospital they immediately decided that i need surgery. About 8 days later I could go home. Complete painless. I didn’t even take any pills since the day i was at home again. I can’t tell you how happy I was to put on my socks on my own again. I felt like a super hero. After being at home for 2 weeks I was sent to rehab. Now I am at home again, I can finally move, walk and sit again. Still I have to do some excersises to do to prevent new pain. I am looking forward to do a bit more for my health. I go for long walks every two to three days now. I am also including some stretching excersises while working on my desk. I am ready now to start work, print, draw and finally blog again.



    Best, Anja

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  • Letterattack Challenge Day #18 to Day #30


    Guys! I did not surrender. I just don’t feel pretty well at the moment. It feels like A LOT when i manage to post the daily letterings on instagram. Anyways. I never thought I’d make it this far with the letterattack challenge. When I think back to Inktober 2015 it still fills me with shame because i didn’t even make it halfway. So i guess it was a big motivation to not fail again on this daily challenge. It motivated me a lot to see all the other handletterings on Instagram every day under the hashtag #letterattackchallenge or #letterattack.  I also found a lot of really nice accounts I follow now. The letterattack challenge for April is over now but I just decited to do the challenge in may as well because it is really a lot of fun. Although I don’t have time to handletter EVERY day.  Some of the handletterings I make in advance when I know I have a lot of other stuff to do it is easier to make three or four handletterings at once. I am very excited for may and all the future handletterings I will see and also make. Let me know if you also join the letterattack challenge in may. I hope I find the time to also post more other stuff on instagram than just handlettering.


    Leute! Ich habe nicht aufgegeben. Mir geht es in letzter Zeit nicht allzu gut und es fühlt sich nach SEHR VIEL an, wenn ich es schaffe die täglichen Letterings auf Instagram zu posten. Wie auch immer, ich dachte nicht, dass ich es bei der Letterattack Challenge so weit kommen würde. Wenn ich an den letzten Inktober zurückdenke fühle ich mich peinlich berührt, da ich es nicht mal bis zur Hälfte geschafft habe. Ich schätze das war genug Motivation es dieses mal durchzuhalten und nicht wieder zu versagen. Eine weitere Motivation war es zusätzlich, die ganzen anderen Letterings der teilnehmen auf Instagram unter dem Hashtag #letterattackchallenge oder #letterattack zu sehen. Unter anderem habe ich einige tolle Accounts gefunden, denen ich nun mit viel Freude folge. Die Letterattack Challenge für April ist nun vorbei aber ich habe spontan entschlossen, auch im Mai mitzumachen, weil es einfach so viel Spaß macht, auch wenn ich nicht jeden Tag die Zeit finde, zu lettern. Einige Handletterings mache ich im Voraus, wenn ich weiß, dass ich mal nicht so viel Zeit habe und mich um andere dinge kümmern muss. Manchmal ist es einfach leichter, drei oder vier Letterings auf einmal zu machen. Ich freue mich sehr auf den Mai und die vielen Schriftzüge, die ich noch sehen werde und auch selbst anfertige, Lasst mich wissen, ob ihr diesen Monat auch teilnehmt : ) Ich hoffe ich finde auch noch Zeit mal wieder etwas anderes als Letterings zu posten.

    Day #18 Mut macht stark!
    Day #19 Everyday I’m lettering
    Day #20 Moments matter
    Day #21 Say cheese!
    Day #22 Vielleicht
    Day #23 Angst beginnt im Kopf
    Day #24 Glitziblitzi
    Day #25 Chance / change
    Day #26 Zauberschön
    Day #27 Sag niemals nie
    Day #28 It’s awesome time
    Day #29 Optimist
    Day #30 Leinen los!

    letterattack handlettering mut macht stark

    letterattack challenge handlettering everyday im lettering

    letterattack challenge handlettering moments matter

    letterattack challenge handlettering say cheese

    letterattack challenge handlettering vielleicht

    letterattack challenge handlettering angst beginnt im kopf

    letterattack challenge handlettering glitziblitzi

    letterattack challenge handlettering chance change

    letterattack challenge handlettering zauberschön

    letterattack challenge handlettering sag niemals nie

    letterattack challenge handlettering its awesome time

    letterattack challenge handlettering optimist

    letterattack challenge handlettering leinen los

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  • Letterattack Challenge Day #11 to #17


    This week I also tried some handlettering with the Tombow brushpens. This is totally different to my usual handlettering. So far I drew the handlettering instead of really writing it. Making handlettering with a Brushpen is “just” drawing one line totally perfect. When I draw the letters with a pencil i still can correct the lines and shapes. Usually i have one piece of letterartwork. When i try the same with a brushpen I need more tries to get the result I want. It’s like learning to write again from the beginning. Often the letters look crooked and shakey until I find the flow. Meanwhile i have accumulated a huge pile of paper with shitty looking handlettering. But I know this is also something anyone can learn. You just have to put time in the process of learning and from word to word you get a bit more secure and better in handlettering.

    Day #11 365 Tage
    Day #12 Heute ist Tu-es-day!
    Day #13 Be kind
    Day #14 Walking on sunshine
    Day #15 Dare to begin
    Day #16 Veränderung
    Day #17 Shine bright

    Diese Woche habe ich zusätzlich auch noch Handlettering mit den Brushpens von Tombow ausprobiert. Dies unterscheidet sich komplett von meiner bisherigen herangehensweise an das Handlettering. Mit einem Brushpen zieht man “nur” eine Linie, die dann total perfekt aussieht. Bisher habe ich die Wörter und Buchstaben gezeichnet, so dass ich die Linien und Formen noch korrigieren konnte. Danach hatte ich normalerweise ein einziges Handlettering Artwork. Wenn ich das Gleiche mit den Brushpens versuche, benötige ich sehr viel mehr Versuche um ein Ergebnis zu bekommen, das mich einigermaßen zufrieden stellt. Es ist als würde man nochmal ganz von vorne lernen zu schreiben. Oft sehen die Buchstaben total krumm aus und haben zitterige Linien bis ich den “Flow” gefunden habe. Inzwischen hat sich bei mir schon ein sehr großer Stapel an Papier mit wirklich hässlichen Handletterings angesammelt. Aber ich weiß, dass das wirklich jeder lernen kann. Man muss nur ein bisschen Zeit, Gedult und Übung investieren um richtig gut zu werden.

    Tag #11 365 Tage
    Tag #12 Heute ist Tu-es-day!
    Tag #13 Be kind
    Tag #14 Walking on sunshine
    Tag #15 Dare to begin
    Tag #16 Veränderung
    Tag #17 Shine bright

    letterattack handlettering 365 tage

    letterattack handlettering heute ist tu es day

    letterattack handlettering be kind


    letterattack handlettering walking on sunshine

    letterattack handlettering tombow walking on sunshine

    letterattack handlettering dare to begin

    letterattack handlettering veränderung

    letterattack handlettering shine bright

    letterattack handlettering shine bright brush pen