Artrage4 Portrait Speed Drawing Video

As a new years resolution i wanted to improve my digital drawing skills by drawing more with my tablet and various programs. My favourite so far is Artrage4. Several times i tried my best to draw something in Photoshop but i just failed so much. It just doesn’t feel like drawing at all. I still want to try Krita though just out of curiosity since there is a free Version of it . At the beginning of the month i bought a new graphic tablet. Since then i draw every day on it even if it’s just some sketches. Although i think i improved a bit in that time i still have a long way to go to become better in shading, colouring, mood and scenery/composition. But there is always something to become better at, isn’t it? I still struggle a bit with how much longer it takes me to draw on the tablet, but i save up time scanning, correcting, touching up or even cutting out some Illustrations. Until now i drew some portraits, a few artworks, tried some handlettering and coloured some of my traditional drawings for a book project. Most of the Illustrations i created in the last few weeks you can see on my Instagram account (anja.sturm) and my facebook page Anja Sturm Illustration . I also plan on recording my drawings with OBS and make little timelapse videos in the future. And because i just finished and uploaded my first video i thought it would be a nice opportunity to write a small blog post about it. I made a really really short video just to give you an idea of how i draw digitally. The original video material is about 55 minutes and i don’t think someone would watch that without some talking. As you may have noticed i added some more details to the illustration, just didn’t record it.

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Storytime Part 08


Family Maus has finished all the preparations right on time when the first guests arrive. Hot chocolate is served. Maus provides everyone with a cup.

Rechtzeitig als Familie Maus mit all den Vorbereitungen fertig ist, kommen auch schon die ersten Gäste. Zur Begrüßung wird heiße Schokolade gereicht. Maus schnappt sich ein Tablett mit den Tassen und geht von Gast zu Gast.

Storytime Part 01


A few days ago I cleaned up my workspace and found a quick sketch that I totally forgot about. I was thinking about this sketch for a while and came up with the idea to build a little story around it. For me it was quite hard to think about a story that makes sense, is exciting and entertaining. So i talked with my friend and my mom about it. Then the next day was all about the writing. Very slowly and with a lot of breaks i managed to write the story in one day. It turned out as a little christmas story. So my plan is to draw every other day and post the artworks immediately after finishing and post it with a part of the story on my blog until christmas. I already started a little storyboard that isn’t finished yet. Until now I have 11 sketches and I think in the end there will be about 15 to 18 artworks. I hope I can manage to draw all the pages until christmas since there are only two weeks left. When I think more about this schedule I have to draw at least every other day two or more drawings a day. Planning is the key but I think it is very do-able because the format isn’t too big and i have a very clear vision of each drawing. Said enough, here is Maus storytime part 01.


Tonight a family celebration will take place at the family’s Maus, to which they have invited a few friends. Early in the morning it snowed for the first time this winter. However, Maus had promised to help his mommy in the preparations for the Christmas party and wants to keep this promise, of course, and will have to do without playing in the snow, building a snowman or an adventure today.

Heute Abend soll bei Familie Maus eine Weihnachtsfeier stattfinden, zu der sie ein paar Freunde eingeladen haben. Früh morgens hat es das erste Mal diesen Winter geschneit.
Maus hatte seiner Mama jedoch versprochen bei den Vorbereitungen für die Weihnachtsfeier zu helfen und will dieses versprechen selbstverständlich einhalten und muss zumindest für heute darauf verzichten raus gehen um im Schnee zu spielen, einen Schneemann zu bauen und Abenteuer zu erleben.


Incredible Random Drawings From Last Week


One of my resolutions for this year is to draw more figurative. I want to draw more faces and characters and expressions and find my own stlye. The very first steps are already made and i am really excited how things will develop over the time. I also want to tell some stories. I am a bit afraid of this plan because i find it very difficult to think create stories. But stepping out of the comfort zone is a good thing i guess. i mean everyone tells you to step out so it MUST be good ; ) For the beginning i thought of some situations of my every day life. So the beginning of this journey will be very boring because for now not much is happening : D I think combining some typography and handlettering with illustrations might work pretty well and is also a good excercise.

Einer meiner Vorsätze für dieses Jahr ist es, mehr figürlich zu zeichnen. Ich will mehr Gesichter, Charaktere und Ausdrücke zu Papier bringen und meinen eigenen Stil entwickeln. Die ersten Schritte sind ja schon getan und ich bin wirklich schon gespannt, wie sich die Sache über die Zeit noch so entwickeln wird. Weiterhin will ich auch gern kleine Geschichten erzählen. Davor habe ich allerdings noch ein bisschen Angst, denn ich finde es wirklich schwierig, mir Geschichten auszudenken. Aber man soll ja immer versuchen aus seiner Komfortzone herauszukommen, und sich neuen Aufgaben stellen. Zumindest sagen das ja alle und dann MUSS es ja auch richtig sein ; ) Für den Anfang denke ich müssen kleine Szenen aus meinem Alltag reichen. Daher wird der Anfang wohl eher sehr langweilig werden, weil bei mir zur Zeit nicht viel passiert. Auch denke ich, dass es eine gute Übung ist, Typografie und Handlettering mit den Illustrationen zu kombinieren, ich denke, das funktioniert ziemlich gut zusammen.

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